Training System

Simulation is less expensive, less dangerous, and less destructive of environment than conventional field training. Therefore, simulation technology will continue to become more prevalent in the military training in the future.

Furthermore, high technology simulation and gaming scenarios fascinate youngsters, being enthusiastically received as a training and recruitment tool for military becoming more widespread in the future.

ETI´s ambition is to positioning itself to become an important player in the forecasted widespread and more prevalent simulation future.

Night Vision Simulator with NVG’s – Control System

The Night Vision Simulator with NVG’s, allows students during their learning process to practice and to be exposed to the various effects of using a NVG equipment, confirming that way the theoretical knowledge and enhancing the competences by integrating their field knowledge and experience. The simulator shall ensure the training of military people that uses the NVG 's, through the simulation of various effects that they can be exposed such as gradients, shadows and contrasts and reduced visual acuity.


The lighting control system is an integral and fundamental part of this training system and allows the activation /deactivation of groups of lights (village, aerodrome, road, moon, taxiway, runaway lights, etc), brightness control (2 mlux to mlux 200) and frequency control (for example for the airport tower and lighthouse lights). The system consists of led’s of various colors with the ability to represent the lights that are intended to be simulated.

The Simulator allows the simulation of a set of Visual effects such as the difficulty to establish the distance between two objects, false depth perception, chromatic vision loss and consequent reduction of detail, false attitude perception during visual meteorological conditions , the halo effect, demonstration of the influence of cultural lights, effect of several Albedos), scintillation phenomenon , etc.

Visual & IOS System

ETI offers turn-key solutions in visual and IOS systems. These solutions range from simple visual and IOS applications for PC based flight trainers to high-end visual and IOS systems for full-flight simulators.

Training Systems Visual  IOS

ETI capabilities in visualization includes: large area visual terrain database generation, geospecific and geotypical terrain databases generation, 3D modeling (air, ground and sea moving targets, building, airfields) for real time rendering and development of image generation applications full of detail: realistic time-of-day variable illumination, haze and horizon glow, weather effects such as ground fog, clouds (different types), special effects like explosions, smoke and tracers and simulation of sensors.

In its visual and IOS system solutions, ETI follows the state-of-art industry standards, like OpenFlight or CiGi. Nevertheless, ETI solutions are flexible and adaptable to costumer needs. ETI solutions are carefully designed and scaled to meet costumer requirements.


Training Systems LandCombining a tactical essence with crew resource management training, the 8x8 Pandur/SP-30 AFV Tactical Simulator presents proven and robust COTS software that generates virtual reality forces and enables mission planning and after-action review capabilities.

Fostered by the most recent virtual simulation and internet technologies, see VOIP, and an intensive use of COTS hardware ETI is offering to the international military communications market a state-of-art and affordable 525 PC Based Training Tools Suite for the Multiband Software Defined Radio PRC- 525.


Training Systems AirCovering the basic to advanced operational training, the Epsilon and Alpha-Jet simulators enhance the pilots’ flying and navigation skills. Operated by the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF), these simulators provide basic flight training, complementary flight training on jet aircraft as well as operational conversion training.

With a solid return-on-investment model, the C-130H Maintenance Training Tools Suite is based on a cost-effective platform available both in hardware and virtual cockpit mock-up configuration enabling Air Force Operators to train procedures that encompass all the systems onboard the C-130H aircraft.




The E300C FSTD is the most recent JAR CS-FSTD (H) FNPT II compliant training solution for Training Organizations who want to provide their Instructors and Students a modern, state of the art, reliable and powerful tool to the training of flight, IFR and VFR navigation procedures and pilot licenses revalidations and renewals.


The E300C FSTD is a generic helicopter flight simulator, representative of the light helicopters class, with a flight model based in the Schweizer 300C helicopter being targeted for helicopter IFR and VFR training.


CBT/ CAI (Computer Aid Instruction) Contents Development

CBTsETI CBT/ CAI contents provide an appealing self-paced as well as Instructor-led learning environment.ETI offers services in developing CBT/CAI contents covering from the training need analysis, authoring, graphical design, programming up to validation of the new system courses to be developed.

CBT/CAI follows the ASD market distance learning Standards Compliance: AICC • SCORM and IMS implementation of XML