Support System

The important Training Systems portfolio ETI offer is complemented by Services for, Technical Publications,  ASD standard CBT (Computer Based Training) contents development and production, Larzac Engine Test Systems  and Avionics Test Program Sets.).

Avionics Test Program Set (TPS)

nh90 pt22Included in the GPATE consortium, ETI has full responsibility (development and Production) to provide a sub-set of Test Program Sets(TPS) for the NHI NH-90 Helicopter Line Replaceable Units(LRU) supporting Avionics Testing for all the NAHEMA participating nations(Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Finland).

Aircraft Engine Test System

ETS 2000 is a data acquisition and control system, specifically designed to perform aircraft engine testing (turbo-fan and turbo-prop).

BancoEnsaios 005The system makes extensive use of COTS technology with demanding technical requirements, making it a low risk solution. The system architecture main capabilities allow: real time data acquisition, monitoring and control as well as processing, analysis and report of the acquired data.

System architecture is both modular and distributed, and consists of the data acquisition system and the supervisor and control system.

Furthermore, the system has a data server, containing all the relevant data, which ensures efficient data management and backup.

The data acquisition system provides sensor and actuator interface, allowing real time communication with the supervisor and control system.

The system is designed for two operators: the ‘Assistant’ manipulates acquired data and evaluates engine performance; the ‘Operator’ monitors and operates the control systems of the test cell.

The architecture, with two operators, ensures improved operational security and effectiveness, because of the shared workload, with both operators having all the necessary test-related elements at their disposal.

Technical Publications

ETI provides Authoring services (Text and Illustrations), for the development of Aeronautical Technical Publications in accordance with the S1000D and ATA100 specifications and in line with the philosophy of production of technical documentation of AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE. ETI currently produces technical documentation , both in English and Spanish, for the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) of the C-295 and CN-235 Aircrafts.

Today ETI has a long term contract in place with AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, follows on a previous seven year contract that ended in 2013, reflecting the recognition of ETI’s expertise in this field.

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