SGNOPS – Serious Game: Naval Operations

seriousgameSGNOPS – Serious Game: Naval Operations – was a Research and Development project, co-funded by QREN/FEDER through the IAPMEI. One of the main objectives of the SGNOPS project was to enable ETI to acquire the technical know-how necessary for the implementation of serious games applications, an emerging technology. This project had the total duration of 37 months and involved an investment of 310.554 euros, which had an approval incentive of 153.055 euros.

Serious Games are software applications developed with the same technologies and design as in electronic games but for other purposes than pure fun. Serious Games are generally considered as games for training, simulation and education. Serious games can be of any kind, using any of the common electronic game technology and can be developed for any type of platform. A Serious Game can be a simulation, with the look and feel of an electronic game, but focused to other events or processes, e.g. military operations or management training.

One of the most attractive things of serious games is that they allow the development of training and simulation applications with practically the same level range of traditional simulation but at a much lower cost than traditional simulation applications.

The SGNOPS project outcome was a prototype of a serious game, called by SERIOUS GAME: NAVAL OPERATIONS, which will serve as a basis for the creation of future applications training civilian and military aircraft simulation or ETI. This prototype consists in a distributed simulation system comprising several simulator positions ranging from ground/naval to air platforms, the simulation of virtual entities (whose behavior is based on artificial intelligence modules) and a Command and Control Station from which is possible to control and monitor the overall simulation.

The SGNOPS is installed at ETI premises in Lazarim, Sobreda da Caparica.

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