CTEC - High Complexity Tactical Scenarios

ctecThe CTEC - High Complexity Tactical Scenarios - is a Research and Development project, co-funded by QREN/FEDER through the IAPMEI.

This project had the total duration of 10 months and involved an investment of 227.000 Euros, which had an approval incentive of 51.000 Euros.

This project specifies the development of high complex tactical scenarios for military operations (Military HCTS), based on military contexts like conventional war or peace keeping operations.

It’s the result of the research made by ETI to grow it capabilities in the modern tactical simulation and is composed by a mix of new and already known technologies for a military high complex tactical scenario trainer.

The system comprises also the development of a layout / simulator for a vehicle that will be included in the tactical environment.

CTEC project is an evolution from the PANDUR TMTS installed in the Portuguese Army RI 13 facilities. This project is composed by an enhanced instructor station where all the new functionalities were installed. The vehicle that was simulated was the ULAN/PIZARRO (similar with the PANDUR).

The purpose of the system was the creation of different tactical scenarios where the visual system is included, allowing the crew to face different military incidents from a riot to standard war scenario.

The CTEC was installed at ETI headquarters in Lazarim, Sobreda da Caparica.

The system is only used by Visual System crew members (commander, gunner and driver), all with minimum experience in working with computers. The instructors should have experience in working with computers / simulators.

The results of this research were fully applied to ETI customers, which gave to the company improved capabilities in advanced distributed simulation in several military and civil fields.


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