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ETI has delivered 2 units of IPT (Interactive Procedures Trainer) to the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces. The device was developed in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space, and it was deployed in Abu Dhabi Air Base during May, 2019. The IPT (Interactive Procedures Trainer) is a Procedures Cockpit Trainer for the C-295 and/or CN-235 aircrafts. The device provides a realistic simulation of the aircraft systems in a touch screen replica of the aircraft cockpit significantly reducing the learning curve of students along the C-295/CN-235 training courses. IPT simulates in normal and abnormal conditions the aircraft powerplant and propeller, electrical system, fuel system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, anti-ice system, fire protection system, landing gear system, air conditioning system, pressurization system and navigation systems through the use of MCDU and PFDs/NDs. The Instructor Operation Station allows the management of training session allowing the crew to achieve their learning goals faster. The Instructor can either control the training session through the Instructor Station or by a tablet.

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