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ETI News

The Austrian Bundesheer and ETI have concluded successfully the acceptance test procedures of the Ulan CUBT Training System at the Combat School located at the Zwölfaxing Burstyn Kaserne.

The Ulan CUBT is composed by four Ulan Spz simulators that are in the same network sharing the same virtual scenario. Thus the Ulan CUBT can be used for tactical training up to platoon level. The training system includes a DIS/HLA gateway that permits the connection to other training systems for collaborative training.

Each simulator features the position of the Turret Crew and Driver. The positions of the Turret Crew (Commander and Gunner) are enclosed in a cabin and are composed by high end replicas of the turret controls, fire and weapon control system, high definition aiming sights devices and a real intercom system. The Commander position features  a hatch and an out the window visual system permitting the operation of the turret in out of the hatch mode.

IMG 1915 optimizedThe Ulan CUBT simulation core is a high end replica of the Ulan Spz. All turret equipment is simulated permitting the training in all normal modes but also in emergency mode. Therefore the Ulan CUBT can be used to teach and improve the skills of Ulan Spz crews in basic and advanced procedures like: powering and starting the tank and tank equipment’s, searching, acquiring and tracking targets, firing the main gun and the machine gun, engaging other IFV and infantry units, maneuver tactically, maneuver and combat in adverse environment conditions, training at night, operating the turret and the main gun in emergency/power off mode.

Currently ETI is upgrading the Driver position to have the same degree of realism of the Turret Crew counterpart.

The Ulan CUBT Training System will begin to be used by Austrian Bundesheer in the training of Ulan Spz crews in the short term.